We are leader in design, manufacture and installation of air conditioning for public transportation and refrigerated cargo with more than 25 years of experience. Coldmaster offer reliable products and services with high quality, through a team of highly trained and experienced, committed to excellence.
At Coldmaster we use the highest quality standards in the selection of components and in the manufacture of our air conditioning equipment, allowing us to provide our clients effective solutions, at very competitive prices, ensuring their highest satisfaction and solution to their needs.

  • Comprehensive cover for quick maintenance access service.

  • Cabinet made of reinforced polyester with UV protection

  • Stainless steel screws on the computer cover

  • Electronic control panel with steady indicator of the cabin temperature.

  • Self-diagnosis system with malfunction codes on the control panel.

  • Automatic low voltage protection system that prevents costly damage to the compressor coil by over heating .

  • Lightweight and compact designs to suit any public transportation units or refrigerated cargo, providing a maximum capacity of cooling energy savings.


Coldmaster aims to provide Air Conditioning and Refrigeration products and services for the public transportation and refrigerated cargo, using certified components that guarantee products and services of high quality at competitive prices, committed to the full satisfaction of our customers.


To be recognized, as the avant-guard company, in development of effective and high-quality solutions in climate control and refrigeration, for the public transportation and refrigerated cargo industry. To be a leading organization, with a global level, of competence.

  • Responsibility to the environment: Our activities are committed to minimize environmental impacts.

  • Integrity and transparency: The relationship with our customers is based on trust and honesty.

  • Human Capital Appreciation: Our employees are our most valuable capital.

  • Committed to Excellence: We strive for excellence in our equipment and service.

  • Communication respectful: We value a style of cordial and respectful communication.

  • Teamwork: We promote integration and teamwork

  • Customer orientation: Committed to meeting the needs and interests of our customers.

  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement: We develop innovative and high performance teams.