Air conditioning systems COLDMASTER INC., provides a unique experience of freshness and comfort to your passengers. Our technology meets the needs of urban buses, intercity and tourism. We have designed a lightweight and compact model adaptable to any bus, providing a maximum capacity of cooling energy savings.

Advanced technical features
  • Comprehensive cover for quick maintenance access service.

  • Cabinet made of reinforced polyester with UV protection

  • Stainless steel screws on the computer cover

  • Electronic control panel with steady indicator of the cabin temperature.

  • Self-diagnosis system with malfunction codes on the control panel.

  • Automatic low voltage protection system that prevents costly damage to the compressor coil by over heating .

Further , our lightweight and compact designs to fit any bus, providing a maximum capacity of cooling energy savings.

Refrigerant application
Voltage / Amp
Buses 10 -14 Meters
27 V @ 61 A
Displacement / Weight       .
Displacement / Weight
550cc / 18.1 Kg
655cc / 35.0 Kg                                        .
Serpentine with expanded helical pipe and aluminum fins with hydrophilic lacquer coating.
6 double shaft centrifugal with long lasting permanent magnet
Fan                                                                                                                 .
Microchannel flow coil and aluminum fins
4 axial with permanent magnet for long life
Cooling capacity
BTU / Watts
High / Long / Width dimensions
120,000 / 35,168
220 Kg
264 mm / 3535 mm / 1780 mm                           .